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Triple Roller Mill

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mix, fine grinding, dispersion and wetting.

   For nearly 50 years EXAKT Triple Roller Mills have been used in a wide variety of applications to simultaneously achieve dispersion,homogeneity and high particle fineness of products ranging from thick fluids to highly viscous pastes. The fields of application range from the preparation of ointments in pharmacies and hospitals to food processing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products,chemical products and screen printing in electronic,ceramic and glass industries.

Type Main Parameter
EXAKT50 Diameter/Length/Speed Ratio 50/150/3.3:1.8:1
EXAKT80 Diameter/Length/Speed Ratio 80/250/3.3:1.8:1
EXAKT120 Diameter/Length/Speed Ratio 120/450/2.9:1.7:1


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