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   SELECTION 78 colors are unleaded inglaze colors for porcelain, bone china, chemical bone china and stoneware.
   SELECTION 78 colors are technically lead and cadmium free(exception the item code that started with "62" that contained Pb), with no more than 0.1% lead and 0.03% cadmium due to contamination on production.
   SELECTION 78 gold containing colors was developed using advance technology and which have the following advantages.
   They are intense, vivid and have wide range of color tone.
   They are very stable in high temperature firing up to 1,230C.
   They have a high degree of transparency and clarity.
   They can be used as magenta and can improve four-color printing.

Porcelain 1160-12500C
Bone China 1000-10500C
Chemical Bone China 1160-12000C
Stoneware 1160-12000C


   Selection 78 series is suitable for screen transfer printing; direct printing, spraying, pad printing and hand painting.

   Recommend mesh sizes are 180-300 mesh(71-120T)for all screen applications.

Color: Medium= 10:6.5-8
Flux: Medium= 10:10-12

   Lead free colors absorb any moisture easily therefore powder colors should be kept in a dry place. We recommend drying the color powder before using.

   Selection 78 colors can be mixed with each other in any proportions basically. To obtain pastel color tone 78201 white is suitable. 78101 flux is suitable for mixing and overprinting. Overprinting 78101 flux can improve color stability in high firing temperature.

Four colors

Yellow 78312
Magenta 78907 reddish from 1,180 up to 1,230
Magenta 78918 deep and reddish from 1,180 up to 1,230
Cyan 78804 deep
Black 78706
Flux 78101 standard flux for mixing and overprinting

   To determine the proper four colors, we recommend testing under your firing conditions.
   To lighten colors, 78101 flux is recommended mixing with four color.

Printing order
   Yellow --> Magenta -->Cyan --> Black --> 78101 Flux
   Overprinting 78101 Flux does not change color tone and can improve color stability in high firing temperature.

Mesh size
   Recommend mesh sizes are 250-300 mesh(100-120T)for four-color process.

Medium ratio

Yellow 10:6.5-7
Magenta 10:7.0-7.5
Cyan 10:7.0-7.5
Black 10:7.0-7.5
Flux 10:10-12


Lead and cadmium release
   SELECTION 78 colors show no lead and cadmium release after immersion in a 4% acetic acid solution for 24 hours at room temperature.

Acid resistance
   SELECTION 78 colors show no visible attack after immersion in a 3% hydrochloric acid solution for 6 hours at room.

Alkali resistance
   SELECTION 78 colors show no visible attack after immersion in a 0.5% calgonite solution for 24 hours at 90℃.

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