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               New colors


·          New 34 series Pb free (Cd contained) red, yellow and green.

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    This new 34 series can stand higher temperature with no bubble. The metal release will be very low after covering suitable Pb free flux.


·           Strong underlay white onglaze color

 *The new Pb free underlay white 36220 will not change the upper color after covering Cd red/yellow or Cobalt blue. It has much less risk of cracking.


*The new low leaded onglaze underlay white 31220 will not change the upper

 color after covering Cd red/yellow or cobalt blue.


*The very strong white 37246 is suitable for enamelware.


·          Strong leaded Cd red (can stand high temperature)

    The new leaded Cd red colors are strong and can stand higher temperature


·           Onglaze relief white: 32286

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    This new made onglaze relief white is glossy and has less risk of cracking.


·           Relief on gold colors combination

 By using this combination, the reddish gold color will not be changed to brownish.

 Flux: 31186

    Pink: 31927

 Gold colors: 31904, 31945

 Procedure: 1. print the pink 31927

2. over print (can not over the area with 31927)

3. print relief flux 31186..


·           Relief flux (31187) on Cd red colors.

    This new relief flux can be over printed on Cd red/yellow colors with no bubble.


·         18 series high resistant Pb free glass colors.

    This Pb free glass color series are made for customers who need high chemical resistant glass colors. The firing temperature of this series is higher: 640 – 700c

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