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      Ceramic Reason is the sole agent of lzawa pigment company limited in Hong Kong and China market. Except ceramic colors, we are also selling Exakt triple roller mill, gold paste, liquid gold, decal paper, covercoat, medium, organic ink and other realated materials from Japan and Europe for decal printers and Ceramic producers. We are the agent of the Germany EXAKT triple roller mill as well. By its long experience in dealing with the major color suppliers in Japan and Europe, servicing ceramic decal printers and ceramic producers in Asia, Ceramic Reason co. can understand what you need and how to assist you in developing your future business.

      Izawa Pigment has over 80 years experience in producing/developing wide range of ceramic, glass and enamel colors. Most of the major ceramic decal printers and some ceramic producers in the whole world are their key customers. Except the complete ranges of low leaded onglaze, Lead free onglaze and inglaze, they are professional in making some difficult colors like clean maroon and pink, strong onglaze four colors, inglaze four colors, glass and enamel four colors, etc. They can also tailor make some colors as customer's special request.

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